No noise protection

With noise protection

Fasteneer in wood stringer

Set_1 Set_1
Page: 4.01
Set_3624A+B Set_3624C
Page: 4.02
Set_2A+B Set_2C
Page: 4.03
 Set_6 A+B Set_6 C
Page: 4.05

Fastener in brick and concrete

 Set_5 A+B Set_5 C
Page: 4.04
Set_9 A+B Set_8 C
Page: 4.07
 Set_7 A+B Set_7 C
Page: 4.06

Fastener in steel stringer

 Set 21 + 22 A+B Set 21 + 22C
Page: 4.08

Fastener in laminated safety glass

 set 50 C
Page: 4.09